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EastWest Spaces Reverb Version 2.5



The convolution reverb plug-in gains Native Apple Silicon support and some useful features

EastWest Spaces 2 is a convolution reverb plug-in with samples of spaces such as churches, concert calls, various studios, plate reverbs, digital reverbs, even forests, and more.

The latest version, Spaces 2, adds features and includes the VST 3 plug-in format, as well as native Apple Silicon support.

New features: a Send Mono Control lets a mono signal be sent into a stereo impulse response (IR); and a Stereo Width control lets you adjust that that – the stereo width.

The updated Envelope page has a Simple Mode with a single decay control, or a Full Mode with a multi-node envelope for control over the attack and decay stages of the impulse.

Price: $119 (or part of Composer Cloud subscription)

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