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Williams Allegro IV and Legato IV Digital Pianos



Two affordable digital pianos with really nice keyboards – one with graded hammer action

I’ve been checking out a Williams Allegro as a possible synth controller for a few weeks. The feel of the graded hammer action weighted keys is just great, and that’s probably the most important thing. Notice that I’m not saying “for the price” – it’s just a really good-feeling keyboard.

Now, it’s a digital piano rather than a controller keyboard, so it doesn’t have aftertouch or pitch and mod wheels. But aftertouch would most likely affect the keyboard’s feel, and you can use something like an iPad app for pitch and mod.

We’ll turn this over to the company press release for details. – Nick Batzdorf

Westlake Village, CA, September 29, 2023 
– Williams Pianos, creators of digital instruments that offer the look, feel and sound of a fine acoustic piano with an amazing range of effects and features, announces the availability of two new models: Allegro IV and Legato IV. Each of these new 88-key pianos features a 2-way speaker system with DSP tuning for realistic sound, a robust 12-voice sound library and convenient Bluetooth®/MIDI connectivity. Users will also have access to additional controls, practice tools and support via the Williams app for iOS. Both pianos feature velocity sensitivity, and the Allegro IV offers an even more natural playing feel with Graded Hammer Action. Both instruments are priced to offer a stunning value: the Legato IV at $349.99, and the Allegro IV at $499.99. 

The Allegro IV has an 88-key, hammer-weighted keyboard that provides the authentic feel of an actual acoustic grand, making it easy for players to transition from home practice and songwriting sessions to performing live and in the studio on a real acoustic piano. The realism continues with graded keys that provide a heavier response at the bottom of the keyboard—just like a real acoustic grand piano. 

Both the Allegro IV and Legato IV excel sonically. A completely redesigned and upgraded audio system delivers an immersive experience with rich lows, articulate mids and shimmering highs. The expansive soundstage is made possible via stereo speakers with two drivers each to produce a frequency spectrum with clarity and dimension. Furthermore, the speakers are mounted inside resonant cavities within the instruments’ frame that are ported—just like professional studio monitors and PA cabinets—to ensure a taut low end with no mud or boominess, as well as increased volume. Factor in a powerful, built-in amplifier and DSP tuning, and the Allegro IV and Legato IV undeniably put out sound you can feel.

Both instruments offer a gorgeous Italian concert grand piano as their centerpiece. Recorded in a professional studio at several different dynamic levels, this celebrated piano sound is as authentic as it gets. And 11 more scrupulously crafted voices cover almost every style of music for the player’s performance, recording and songwriting needs. There are two organs (rock and perc), two vintage electric pianos (tine and reed), two basses (electric and acoustic), vibraphone, string pad, synth pad, choir and a bright acoustic piano. Adventurous players can exercise their inner sound designer by splitting or layering sounds on the keyboard for massive sonic textures, as well as processing basic patches with built-in effects, such as 2-band EQ, reverb, chorus and rotary speaker. In addition, there is a collection of demo songs that spotlight these instruments’ keyboard voices for analysis and inspiration, as well as an onboard metronome. Built to Williams’ high standards of construction, both instruments also never need tuning or regular maintenance.

Both the Allegro IV and Legato IV digital piano seamlessly link to computers, DAWs and tablets via Bluetooth, USB, MIDI, an AUX input and mono/stereo audio outputs. Two 1/8-inch headphone outputs, located on front panel, provide the ability to plug in headphones and play or practice any hour of the day without disturbing neighbors or other family members. Players can pair their smartphone using Bluetooth and play along with songs, YouTube lessons and other educational media through the pianos’ speakers. Users can also access teaching apps, such as the Williams Piano app and the included trial period of Skoove Platinum piano lessons; make tracks by using their favorite recording software over USB with these instruments’ built-in audio/MIDI interface; or jam with friends and/or dive into group songwriting sessions by plugging into a keyboard amp or PA system. 

The free Williams Piano app for iOS allows players to use their iPad or iPhone to dig deeper into customization for the sounds and effects, select from four keyboard modes (single, split, layer and split+layer), call up a drum machine, tune the piano, play along with the music library on an iOS device and more.  

Both instruments are also available with optional accessories. Priced at $569.99 is a bundle featuring the Allegro IV with stand and bench, and $689.99 for Allegro IV with stand, bench, headphones and other accessories. The In-Home Pack bundle ($699.99) is available featuring the Allegro IV outfitted with a beautiful wooden piano stand finished in black woodgrain that summons enough sophistication to class up any living room, music studio, church stage or club, along with a bench and a piano-style pedal. Priced at $419.99 is a bundle featuring the Legato IV with stand and bench, and $544.99 for Legato IV with stand, bench, headphones and other accessories.

Allegro IV Specs:
Keyboard: 88-key graded, weighted hammer action keyboard
Polyphony: 128 voices
Instrument sounds: 12
Layer control: Layer, Touch, Split, Transpose, Metronome
Connections: USB, Sustain, 3-pedal unit, Line Out (1/4″ unbalanced left and right), 1/8″ Stereo Aux input, two 1/8″ headphone outputs (on front panel)
Included accessories: Sustain pedal, power supply, music rest
Dimensions: 52″ x 13.2″ x 4.5″
Weight: 35.5 lb.

Legato IV Specs:
Keyboard: 88-key velocity-sensitive keyboard 
Polyphony: 128 voices 
Instrument sounds: 12 
Layer control: Layer, Touch, Split, Transpose, Metronome 
Connections: USB, Sustain, 3-pedal unit, Line Out (1/4″ unbalanced left and right), 1/8″ Stereo Aux input, two 1/8″ headphone outputs (on front panel)  
Included accessories: Sustain pedal, power supply, music rest 
Dimensions: 52″ x 13.2″ x 4.5″ 

Prices: Legato 4, $350; Allegro 4, $500

Click here for more info about Legato 4, or here for more info about Allegro 4

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