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Pro Tools Users: Parent Company Avid was Acquired by a Private Equity Company



We – and no one on the outside – knows what it means for Pro Tools, if anything

There isn’t a lot else to say, other than that the private equity company is STG, and here’s the link. We wish we had more to report, because a lot of musicians use Pro Tools for audio production.

For those of you who don’t know, there was a time when if you wanted to run digital audio on a computer, you used Digidesign (the original company that was acquired by Avid) Pro Tools on a Mac. It required dedicated computer cards, and the first plug-ins ran on them, starting a booming industry.

Things have sure changed since those days, when off-the-shelf computers didn’t have enough power to run plug-ins. It took several years before more processor-intensive processors like reverbs had enough power to match up to (and now largely replace) hardware ones.

So there’s some history! Let’s hope this results in piles of money to fund continuing development.

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