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New Synth Alert: Erica Synths To Release X Bullfrog X Richie Hawtin Classic Subtractive Synth



It’s coming August 10, 2023

This synth, created by Latvian synth company Erica Synths and musician/DJ Richie Hawtin, is intended as a novice’s learning instrument and a bona fide professional synth. It’s coming in just under two months.

As they describe it (edited slightly):

Bullfrog is a classic subtractive synthesiser – it consists of several “modules” for sound generation – VCO, NOISE GENERATOR – and treatment – VCF, VCA/DELAY, as well as “modules” that generate control and modulation signals to control them – ENVELOPE GENERATORS and SAMPLE & HOLD.

The Bullfrog will not make the sound on its own unless it is patched using eurorack patch cables to interconnect the “modules” or by inserting voice cards [presumably add-on] that create internal connections between the “modules” in a specific way. The voice cards also add functions such as a sampler/looper, sequencer [shown in the picture above], groovebox, etc.

Price TBA

Click here for more info as it becomes available

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