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New Vocal Processing Plug-in, Isoplug



Isovox introduces “Isoplug” as an all-in-one plug-in purposed for vocals and voice-over, packed with tools to enable perfect processing.

ISOVOX introduces ISOPLUG™ as an all-in-one plug-in purposed for vocals and voice-over — loaded with presets tailored from the get-go for audiobook, content creation, movie trailer, narration, podcast, streaming, vocals, voice-over, and more. The plug-in is packed with tools to enable perfect processing, which, when paired with the innovative Swedish company’s award-winning ISOVOX® 2 vocal booth and accompanying ISOMIC™, creates a complete voice recording signal chain with a guaranteed professional sound as a one-stop-shop solution.

ISOVOX’s ISOPLUG™ focuses only on voice and is packed with the tools needed to enable perfect processing of voice recording, including EQ (BASS, BODY, and SPARKLE), MUD REMOVER, COMPRESSOR, DE-ESSER, CHARACTER, LIMITER, and REVERB via an all-in-one view for easy access, accompanied by an equally easily accessible Preset Browser with powerful presets — with convenient VOCALS, VOICE OVER, AUDIOBOOK, PODCAST, MOVIE TRAILER, and EFFECTS groupings — to assist newbies with speedily getting an appropriate sound or, alternatively, acting as a jumping off point for more experienced users seeking to tweak to their hearts’ (and ears’) content. After all, advanced controls for professionals are accessible by simply clicking on the module name. Needless to say, ISOPLUG™ users are all guaranteed a professional sound suited to the task at hand.

ISOPLUG™ is available for purchase as a 64-bit-only AU-, VST-, and VST 3-compatible plug-in for macOS (10.13 – 12) with full Apple Silicon support and 32- and 64-bit VST- and VST3-compatible plug-in for Windows (10, 11) at a MSRP of €149.00 EUR/$149.00 USD/£129.00 GBP via ISOVOX’s growing global network of dealers and distributors or directly from ISOVOX’s Online Shop HERE.

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