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Draw Motion Sfx with a Mouse: Tsugi DSP Motion and DSP Action



It’s synchronized to video, and it also has many musical applications

You can create these kinds of flyby, etc. sound effects by using any synth plus an automated a pan control, and possibly a pitch shifter if you need it to create a doppler effect. But these affordably-priced Windows programs from Japanese developer Tsugi will do all that for you, and then you can export them for further processing – although it has a lot of parameters to tweak them built in.

DSP Motion and DSP Action can sync to video or action, and the speed at which you move your mouse (or other input device) is taken into account.

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to use these effects only for sound design. They’re perfectly legal in music too.

Here are some links:

DSP Motion 1.3

DSP Action 1.1

Price: $49 each

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