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iZotope Introduces Ozone 10 and RX 10



If you do anything with audio beyond playing synths in a cave – or even if you don’t – we suspect you know about iZotope’s RX audio repair program. It’s used for music, podcasts, and everything else.

They’ve also had an excellent suite of mastering plug-ins, called Ozone, for… well, this is version 10, so it’s been a while.

From the beginning, iZotope’s engineering has been off the charts. But like all advanced audio tools you had to put in the time to learn how to get the most from them.

Both Ozone 10 and RX 10, their new releases, do have impressive new features – please read their release below – but it feels like there’s an overriding theme: iZotope has worked hard to make all that power more accessible.

The biggest deal is what RX 10 can do for working with voice (spoken): it transcribes the speech so that you work with words rather than just a waveform or spectrum display. It also identifies several different people’s voices in a single track and separates them.

But there’s a lot more in both programs that applies specifically to music. For example, this is a screenshot of RX 10’s Repair Assistant plug-in. It says it all, or most of it: tell it whether it’s listening to voice (spoken or sung), music, percussion, or sound effects; it learns what’s going on, and then you select the processing you want to apply.

Tell RX 10’s Repair Assistant plug-in whether it’s listening to voice (spoken or sung), music, percussion, or sound effects; it learns what’s going on, and then you select the processing you want to apply

And without further ado, here’s the company release:

iZotope, Inc., the experts in intelligent audio technology, announce that RX 10, the industry standard in audio repair, is now available. Ozone 10, their flagship mastering suite, will follow on September 13. Both updates bring users tools with increased intelligence, making it easier and faster to get professional-quality results with confidence — while still allowing plenty of opportunity to personalize sounds to taste. 

Built on decades of research, RX 10 is the complete toolkit for audio clean-up in music and audio post production. From analyzing audio capture and production issues to providing processing solutions, RX speeds up editing workflows, salvages poor audio takes that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality. 

What’s new in RX 10
● Repair Assistant Plug-in – re-built from the ground up, the Repair Assistant uses 

machine learning to automatically recognize specific problems and intelligently 

propose fixes that you can modify to taste (included in RX Elements, Standard, and 


  • ●  Dynamic Adaptive Mode in De-Hum – save time removing hums and buzzes on 

the fly with a new Adaptive mode that automatically eliminates complex noise that changes pitch, like electromagnetic interference, without sacrificing quality (included in Standard and Advanced) 

  • ●  Upgraded Spectral Recovery – for recordings made on mobile phones or non-studio-grade recording equipment, bring life back to thin-sounding audio to match the rest of your productions. The new version improves upon the quality of re-synthesized upper frequencies and can now add missing lower frequencies, too. Advanced only) 
  • ●  Selection Feathering Make smoother edits with improved Selection Feathering, which now works in both the time and the frequency domain. (included in Standard and Advanced) 
  • ●  And more, including native Apple silicon support, Text Navigation, and Multiple Speaker Detection 

Achieving a professional master has never been faster than with Ozone 10. Equally powerful for people who are new to mastering or for mastering pros, Ozone has everything needed to bring balance and smoothness, punch and glue, warmth and grit, and a sense of space to a mix, alongside smart technologies that help match the sound of chart-topping hits. 

What’s new in Ozone 10 

  • ●  Stabilizer Module – sculpt a balanced sound with this new intelligent and adaptive 

mastering EQ dynamically shape a mix into a clear, natural tone, or tame problem resonance, carve away harshness, and smooth transients for better translation across listening environments Advanced only) 

  • ●  Impact Module – enhance the rhythm and feel of tracks with this new module by intuitively controlling microdynamics: four sliders work across different frequency bands to breathe life into a mix, adding punch and dynamic space, or gluing your track together for a thicker sound Advanced only) 
  • ●  Improved Master Assistant – match the sound of trusted reference files or today’s hit songs with groundbreaking new matching technology for tone, dynamics, and width. An updated Assistant View makes it faster than ever to customize your starting point, while the Tonal Balance curve allows for easy metering (included in Standard and Advanced) 
  • ●  Magnify Soft Clip – boost loudness while maintaining high fidelity audio with this new setting in the Maximizer module (included in Standard and Advanced) 
  • ●  Recover Sides – reduce width without losing the sides with this new feature in the Imager module, which maintains stereo information in mono and helps preserve depth and power when narrowing a problem frequency (included in Standard and Advanced) 
  • ●  And more, including native Apple silicon support, and a refreshed look and feel of the Ozone interface 

Pricing and Availability 

RX 10 is available on and from select retailers as of September 7, 2022, with introductory pricing through October 11, 2022 

  • ●  RX 10 Advanced: $799 USD (regularly $1,199 USD 
  • ●  RX 10 Standard: $299 USD (regularly $399 USD 
  • ●  RX 10 Elements: $99 USD (regularly $129 USD 

Ozone 10 will be available on and from select retailers on September 13, 2022, with introductory pricing through October 20, 2022 

  • ●  Ozone 10 Advanced: $299 USD (regularly $499 USD 
  • ●  Ozone 10 Standard: $199 USD (regularly $249 USD 

Existing iZotope customers may be eligible for additional loyalty discounts on RX 10 and Ozone 10. Details can be found in a customer’s Account section on

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