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FreeSpectrasonics Update (Free) Adds Flow Capture Recording Feature to Omnisphere 2, Keyscape, and Trilian



It’s for the the stand-alone versions, and it captures audio, MIDI, and the entire state of the instrument

Cool. The headline is the story, but check out Eric “Spectrasonics” Persing’s demo video anyway.

And if you’re not familiar with Spectrasonics’ instruments, well, we’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love them.

Yes, some DAWs like Logic Pro have their MIDI recording buffers open all the time – even when the transport is stopped – an absolutely fabulous feature: damn, what was I doing just before that robocall interrupted my train of thought to tell me that the government had decided to give me a free solar system?

Logic remembers.

Spectrasonics now has that built into its stand-alone programs, plus it takes a snapshot of the entire state of the instrument (even if you didn’t save the program). That’s useful for when you didn’t feel like opening your DAW to play around, but you came up with something good when you were playing.

Flow Capture saves the audio, MIDI, and state of the instrument in separate files that you drag and drop into your DAW for further work.


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