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Introducing VREV-305 Twelve Spring Reverb Plugin



Fuse Audio Labs launches VREV-305 as twelve-spring reverb plugin purposed from iconic and rare Seventies-vintage system.

Fuse Audio Labs announces the VREV-305 plugin — purposed from an iconic and rare Seventies-vintage spring chamber reverb system, set around a tank comprising no fewer than 12 individual springs with equally tempered timings following a logarithmic progression very similar to the musical scale to produce unique reverberation textures that can be shaped with a compact yet powerful tweaking matrix.

The spring chamber of the VREV-305 plugin produces a harmonic series of reflection patterns that result in lush and dense reverb tails, but without the twangy artifacts typical of springs. The plate-like ambience can be adapted to individual signals with a simple yet very musical and interactive EQ section. Also, the plugin permanently removes the fixed decay time limitation imposed by the hardware from which it is purposed.

VREV-305 also offers separate PREDELAY parameters per channel, as well as switchable stereo summing options — both before and after the spring system. Since it does not need tons of complex controls to do its thing, this reverb plugin lets users create many interesting tails in next to no time — always adjustable in intensity with the onboard MIX controls.

Clearly, its flexibility makes VREV-305 a favorable choice for many sources. It is especially well suited to working with drums, guitars, and vocals, and its 12-spring topology produces interesting-sounding alternatives to the default reverbs used on most productions. Put it this way: users who appreciate springs and plates while looking for fresh and easily tunable reverb textures are likely to find a match made in musical heaven with this plugin.

VREV-305 is available at a 50%-discounted introductory promo price of only $29.00 USD until October 23, 2022 — rising thereafter to its regular price of $59.00 USD — directly from its dedicated webpage, which includes more in-depth information, here.

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