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Tracktion Waveform Free Updated For 2022



Tracktion Corporation has updated Waveform Free with a new look and a whole host of new and powerful additional features.

Waveform Free, the cross-platform, unrestricted, and fully featured free DAW is based on the essential features of Waveform Pro 12, renowned for its efficient workflow, streamlined user interface, and its intuitive useability. There are no restrictions whatsoever in Waveform FREE: No timeouts, watermarks track count limits, export / render restrictions, 3rd party plugin restrictions, saving or project limitations, and copyright restrictions!!! Waveform FREE is a highly creative, deep and flexible DAW ideal for podcasting, producing, recording or mixing music. 

The new 2022 Waveform FREE has an entirely new browser offering tags, favorites, and smart lists, with the same look and feel of Pro 12. It now has 15 Refreshed Audio Effects and 6 Super handy utility plugins – including a much-requested convert to Mono tool and Spectrum analyzer. The dedicated Actions Panel allows users to favorite their most used actions and create custom actions that can be recalled with the click of a button.

Waveform Free is a great way to learn more about recording and production. It allows whole projects to be started and finished in the application without any add-ins, and Editing, mixing and exporting are all incredibly intuitive and easy.

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