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Riffage: Metal Loopable Rhythm Guitar Phrase Library from Impact Soundworks



Do you have the mettle for metal?

Impact Soundworks’ Shreddage rock guitar library from a few years ago is still a standout. Since then they’ve come out with any more sample libraries, but Shreddage (actually Shreddage II is the one in our studio) just nails the war guitar sound.

Their latest is a library of heavy metal riffs. Here’s the release:

Impact Soundworks has released Riffage: Metal, a library of loopable heavy rock and metal rhythm guitar phrases performed by a pro metal guitarist. Riffage: Metal is the first in an upcoming series of rhythm guitar phrase libraries designed as a complement for ISW’s acclaimed Shreddage series of virtual electric guitars and basses.

Riffage: Metal includes 300 unique phrases in a range of genres including doom metal, thrash, and djent. Each phrase can be played in any key and in a wide range of tempos, and all are available with both a production-ready stereo, live-amped channel and a clean (DI) signal. The built-in browser makes it fast and easy to select and audition possible phrases. Users can also drag-and-drop the phrases as WAV files into their DAWs for additional convenience.

“Our customers have been looking for an easy way to create heavy rock & metal rhythm parts that’s even faster than our Shreddage series,” said Impact Soundworks CEO & president Andrew Aversa. “Riffage: Metal is our answer to that, providing killer riffs and tones in a super easy interface.”

This launch is part of Impact Soundworks’ Summer Guitar Fest 2022; additional guitar-related releases will be announced throughout August and September.

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Price: $59 current, MSRP is $79

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