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VSL German Upright Sampled Piano



It’s a 1904 Bechstein with “a distinctive vintage character owing to its generous proportion of resonating wood”

First, you have to check out Guy Bacos’ demo in the video above. It’s unfair that he’s so good. (Not really – he clearly put in the work.)

Second, this sampled piano is yet another example of why there are so many sampled pianos on the market, most of which are really good these days: they all sound different. This one has lots of mic positions and tweaking options, but samples are still samples.

To a layman it’s subtle, to a musician it isn’t – especially to a real pianist.

What VSL says about it:

  • Vintage Character and Style
  • C. Bechstein upright piano built in 1904
  • Vintage character
  • Recorded at Stage B of Synchron Stage Vienna
  • Eight microphone positions for a multitude of timbral variations
  • Advanced release sample technology

Pre-configured main presets, signature and FX presets

Price through July 18, 2022: € 125 or € 215 depending on version (goes up after that)

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