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Cherry Audio Rackmode Modeled Vintage Moog Processors Now Released for Voltage Modular System



These classic modules were released as standard plug-ins earlier this year, the new versions work in their software modular system

We’ve been working with Cherry Audio’s Rackmode processors for a while. Now they’ve released them for their Voltage Modular system, which is just that – a software modular system. (You can download a free version, Rackmode Nucleus, here.)

The thing is, while all of Cherry Audio’s instruments and processors sound good, it’s more than that. They could put the identical parameters and sounds behind a modern interface, and it just wouldn’t be the same thing.

You wouldn’t actually hear anything different, but the ’70s/’80s vintage interfaces influence your focus when you use them. That’s aside from their being models of classic Moog processors, so the sound is unique.

But it really is the combination of the sound and the interface that makes them so compelling.

Here’s the release:

Cherry Audio and MRB are delighted to announce the release of Rackmode Modules for Voltage Modular, a set of effects, oscillators, and filters inspired by a classic line of analog rack-mounted signal processors from the 1970s and ‘80s. Rackmode Modules are nine new modules exclusively for the Voltage Modular platform based on Cherry Audio’s acclaimed Rackmode Signal Processors plugins released earlier this year. 

The Rackmode components have been expertly adapted to the modular workflow and maintain the elegant look and heritage of the rack-mounted enclosures. Award-winning synth designer Mark Barton’s (MRB) proprietary DSP coding reproduces every sonic nuance with circuit-precise emulations based on the original rack-mounted hardware.

Redesigned for Voltage Modular, these new modules extend the capabilities of Cherry Audio’s Rackmode Signal Processors. Most modules are available individually or as the Rackmode Modules Collection for a special introductory price of $69 for the complete bundle (regularly $99). A 50% discount is available for customers who previously purchased the Rackmode Signal Processors VST bundle. The modules include:

  • Rackmode 16 Channel Vocoder
  • Rackmode Vocal Source Oscillator
  • Rackmode Poly Vocal Source Oscillator
  • Rackmode Phaser
  • Rackmode Ring Modulator
  • Rackmode String Filter
  • Rackmode Frequency Shifter
  • Rackmode Ten Band Graphic EQ
  • Rackmode Three Band Parametric EQ

At an introductory price of $69, the complete Rackmode Modules Collection for Voltage Modular is the latest “must-have” bundle of modules for aficionados of vintage analog synthesis and audio processing. It’s fully compatible with all versions of Voltage Modular, including our FREE Voltage Modular Nucleus Edition, with no operational limitations. The modules may be demoed with the full Rackmode Module Collection demo for up to seven days. Complete module and bundle descriptions, additional pricing information, and high-resolution images are available at our site.

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