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New All-In-One Single Screen Bass Solution



United Plugins announces the Muramasa Audio Bassment as all-in-one single-screen bass guitar solution.

Muramasa Audio’s Bassment plug-in comprises several colour-coded components (further visualised as control-laden virtual effect pedals) — namely, AMP, with an input GAIN going all the way from gentle to brutal settings alongside perfectly tuned five-band (LOW BASS, HIGH BASS, LOW MIDS, HIGH MIDS, and TREBLE) EQ controls, a self-explanatory DRY/WET control, and more; AUTOWAH, implements an automatic wah-wah filter following the INPUT LEVEL, best suited to funky styles; CABINET, comprises 15 simulations combined with 15 adjustments to assemble a true virtual amp simulator with several parameters to produce a much smoother and more natural sound that avoids all the unnatural resonances present with almost all IRs (Impulse Responses); COMP (compressor), reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds, thereby reducing or compressing the audio signal’s dynamic range; EQ, provides a powerful graphic equaliser that is useful for further customising the tonal response; (noise) GATE, removes any noise, hum, and leakage from other instruments that may still be present in the input signal and become amplified by Bassment’s amping and distortion stages, as well as allowing users to create a contemporary choppy sound useful for modern metal genres where everything needs to be very precise and snappy-sounding attacks are always appreciated; LEVELLER, controls the volume changes of the signal by automatically riding volume; MODULATION, lets users blend multiple effects rather than requiring several stompbox simulations, allowing all algorithms involved to be perfectly synchronised, thereby easing operation; and SUB, adds subharmonic frequencies to allow users to play (single-note) guitar to sound like a bass guitar.

Muramasa Audio’s Bassment is available to purchase for a time-limited introductory promo price of only €19.00 EUR until May 5, 2022 — rising thereafter to its MSRP of €129.00 EUR — as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in (using internal 64-bit audio processing capable of handling any sample rate) directly from United Plugins.

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