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Cre8Audio Function Junction Eurorack Module Combines ADSR, Function Generator, LFO, and Mixer in a Single Module



It’s really four independent modules that work together

Yes, we know. You rushed out and bought one of Cre8Audio’s very clever Niftykeyz controller keyboard with integrated Eurorack case (or v.v.) after hearing about it here last week.

Then you unpacked, and… oops, you have no Eurorack modules to fill it with.

Well, Function Junction is Cre8Audio’s answer, developed with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. We’ll let them explain this very affordable unit:

Fun with functions…

Traditionally many-in-one multi-function modules are compromised of abstract functions and controls that when patched together can create basic or complex utilities. Often these modules are challenging to use and have some inherent limitations due to their abstract nature.

Cre8audio & Pittsburgh Modular’s take on the many-in-one multi-function module attacks these limitations head-on by eliminating the abstract. Each section of the module’s user interface is clearly separated into dedicated utility types with controls that will be familiar to the user. This approach increases the module’s capabilities while at the same time becoming more approachable for users of all levels.

Function Junction has dedicated ADSR, Function Generator, and LFO sections. Each section performs as a user would expect, as well as some having deeper functionality sprinkled in. Clever looping and external modulation add layers of possibilities. 

The integrated attenuverting mixer ties all of the sections together, or not… Each section is routed by default through the attenuverers of the mixer but can also be repatched at the user’s whim. 

The magic in the module is that each of its sections stands strongly on their own, but also can be easily used together to create interesting and complex functions. “Function Junction is a modulation hub combining four independent sections into a single intertwined module that offers much more than the sum of its parts. Although a sum of its parts is one of its best features!” said the ultra-serious Richard Nicol, founder of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers. 

With its dedicated utilities and its 16 patch points, flowing from creating complex modulation or juggling multiple essential tasks is an easy feat for Function Junction’s users.

Function Junction key features and other info:

  • Dedicated ADSR, Function Generator, LFO, & Mixer sections
  • ADSR / Envelope
    • Fully analog Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers developed 4 stage ADSR circuit with independent Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release controls.
  • “Loop” capability for envelope cycling. The SUSTAIN KNOB and RELEASE KNOB are used to adjust the time it takes to loop. Loop can be toggled on and off with button press or via gate
  • Function Generator
    • Function Generator can be used as an envelope generator, a voltage controlled LFO, a slew generator, a gate signal delay, envelope follower, a clock source, voltage controlled clock divider, complex modulation source, and more
    • Modulation input can be to attack, decay, or both. 
    • Loop mode
  • Dual LFO
    • Triangle and Square LFO outs 
  • 3 channel attenuverting mixer with + OR circuit
    • Mixer can be split into 3 independent attenuverters, one two-channel mixer, and one attenuverter, or a three-channel mixer
    • When not being used as a mixer each channel is normaled to one of the other functions of the module, ADSR, Function Generator, and LFO enabling both an additional out put for each section as well as a dedicated attenuverter for each.
    • + OR circuit outputs the current highest voltage value of any of the voltages output by the mixer
  • 16hp Eurorack format module

Price: $199.99 / €199.99

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