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Analogue Solutions Introduces Colossus AS200 Slim



Analogue Solutions sheds some pounds from original Colossus super-synth, creating Colossus AS200 Slim ‘space-saving’ version.

As a ‘space-saving’ version of its Colossus AS100 Classic super-synth sibling, the comparatively slimline Colossus AS200 Slim’s so-called ‘VCO Panel’ is identical, including no fewer than 12 VCOs (OSCILLATOR 1 through to OSCILLATOR 12), each boasting high-quality multi-turn vernier dials acting as a very high FREQ (pitch) range control that also allow them to be pressed into service as additional LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), a four (sawtooth, reverse sawtooth, square, and triangle) WAVEFORM count, PULSE SHAPE (allowing the pulse width of the square wave to be manually changed), and (output) LEVEL controls; associated VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATORS jack points include pitch CV (control voltage), SYNC in, and audio OUT for each VCO, while odd-numbered VCOs have SUB (sub- oscillator) outputs and even-numbered VCOs have PW (pulse width) CV inputs. In addition, NOISE GENERATOR 1 and NOISE GENERATOR 2 each have a pink and white noise-mixing COLOUR control and an associated output LEVEL control, complimented by a RANDOM VOLTAGE GENERATOR with RATE and LEVEL controls alongside a SAMPLE AND HOLD generator with SOURCE and LEVEL controls for further flexibility.

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