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Cre8audio and Pittsburgh Modular Launch Nazca Noodles Patch Cables Line for Eurorack



There are patch cables and there are patch cables. These are in both categories.

What will those guys at Cre8Audio and Pittsburgh Modular think of next? First they come out with an integrated keyboard controller/Eurorack case, then they come out with a new module to start populating it with, and now…

…wait for it…

No way. They have patch cables to hook it all up?!


  • All current Nazca Noodles products feature the following:
    • 3.5mm TS to 3.5mm TS connectors
    • Specially designed slimline over-molding jack ends – perfect for squeezing into tight patch points
    • Super soft and floppy cable jacketing for patching pleasure
  • Initial colors available – Black, White, Very Violet, Hot Pink, Groovy Green, and Baby Blue,
  • All colors are available in the following sizes 15cm, 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm, and 300cm 
  • All come in packs of five cables per color, except 300cm which comes in packs of 2 cables

Prices vary, depending on length and quantity

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