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Spitfire Audio Originals Cinematic Frozen Strings Sample Library



One of the three mic positions: clip-on mics at the bridge of each instrument?

Rather than trying to parse what Spitfire’s latest release actually is, we refer you to their video walkthrough. But they’re an excellent sample library developer, and so far everything they’ve released has been worth checking out.

Cinematic Frozen Strings is part of the Originals series, which are “instant writing tools” with a simple interface – sliders for expression and dynamics, essential articulations presets and controls, and a programmable virtual mod wheel.

While this library seems to have samples of eight players, it’s inspired by Albion Tundra, a “characteristically Scandinavian sound” with a very large orchestra (including a 56-piece string section playing unusual techniques). It was recorded from three mic positions, including clip-on mics on the instruments’ bridges for extra detail on very quiet passages.

Cinematic Frozen Strings features 12 presets: “Long Flautando CS (con sord); Long Super Sul Tasto; Long Col Legno Tratt; Long Sul Tasto > Sul Pont (transitioning from one technique to the other in a circular movement between the two articulations at different speeds with players out of sync); Long Sul Tasto > Flautando; Long No Rosin; Tremolo CS Sul Pont; Harmonic Tremolo; Short Brushed Spiccato CS; Short Mandolin Pluck; Short Col Legno; and Short Brushed Sul Tasto.”

Another nice feature is the price: 29 dollars, Euros, or GBP.

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