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Cherry Audio VM900 Collection for Voltage Modular



Detailed models of the 1960s and 1970s-era Moog 900-series modules

If you’re wondering what the MRB is in Cherry Audio/MRB’s VM900 Collection, it’s synth designer Mark Barton. His DSP code is in these modeled Moog 900-series modules.

It includes 27 modules and hundreds of presets. The design concept was to remain true to the originals, with – in this Cherry Audio product, at least – no sops to modern trends. All the original panel layouts are the same as on the ‘60s and ‘70s originals, as are the oscillator drift, mixer overdrive.

Modules include the early 901-style and later 921-style oscillators, there’s a 904 ladder filter, and an ABC combo version with the 904C Coupler module for different filter curves. A Keyboard/VCO interface module is for 3-voice paraphonic operations.

VM900 also includes the 960-series sequencer used by Klaus Shulze, Tangerine Drema, and Kraftwork. It’s an 8-stage step sequencer, with one update: a 1/12V quantized output for each sequence row to make it easier to produce chromatic melodies.

Cherry Audio bills the MV1630 Frequency Shifter as “the star of the show.” It produces a range of effects that range from vibrato to phaser-like tones to ring modulation sounds.

Price: $79, free trial version available.

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