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United Plugins Urban Puncher Adds… Punch – to Percussion



A one-knob testosterone boost for drum loops or anything percussive

United Plugins Urban Puncher doesn’t fight, it just punches up drums, whether they’re in urban or rural areas. Here’s how it works:

“Start by loading the plug-in into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) drum channel (before or after an EQ or compressor), then dial up its punch (%) setting to taste (up to 100) – the more the onscreen fist glows, the bigger the punch that is applied to the drum loop – and mix the resulting sound with that of the original track using the dry / wet (%) control (up to 100) to let the magic begin as percussive material musically manifests itself with a more solid, stronger feel in next to no time.

“The loop being processed may well start to shine through a mix within a few seconds by basically tweaking only one knob, in other words. While that punch (%) setting simultaneously controls several processes, it can best be described as an esoteric dynamic process with transients treatment and spectral shaping.”

Boom. And the intro price is hard to resist.

Here are the demo videos

United Plugins product page

Promotional price until September 20, 2021: €19.00 EUR (about $22 US), then it goes up to €59.00

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