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Soundiron Delphi Piano Series, Volume 1 Autumn 1958: Vintage Sound, Modern Applications



One in a series of “character” sampled piano libraries that both takes you back and catapults you forward

No question, Delphi Piano Series, Volume 1: Autumn 1958 has the “rich, muddy, and fuzzed-out flavor of 50s jazz, blues, and big band piano” character that sample developer Soundiron was after.

But like most instruments, it would work in many other settings (Soundiron suggests “electronica, lofi, hip hop, ambient, postminimalism, contemporary classical, and post rock”). And because piano is such a complex instrument with all kindsof overtones, sometimes you’re better off starting with one that has the sound you’re after than trying to change the sound of a more versatile instrument.

Autumn 1859 requires that you already own the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8+ sampler, but the library is very inexpensive.

The 6.11GB instrument’s features include:

– 9 velocity layers, 6 round robins, note release and pedal sounds
– 20 unique “FX and ambient” presets
– multi-layer interface controls with LFO, filter, glide, and an arpeggiator
– an effects rack with convolution reverb (custom rooms, halls, chambers, and effects environments).

Price: $29

Product page, including demos

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