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Goodhertz Tupe: Vacuum Tube Amp and Magnetic Tape Recording Emulator Plug-in



No it’s not a wig, it’s an analog recording emulator that adds healthy grain to the sound

Goodhertz Tupe combines emulations of classic tape machines and tube circuits in one plug-in. It includes a filter, an emphasis section, and an opto-style compressor/limiter. (Opto compressors increase the compression in response to higher signal levels.)

Tube has emulations of the following tubes: 5751 Lo, 5751 Med, 5751 Hi, 6L6 Lo, 6L6 Med, 6L6 Hi, EL34 Lo, EL34 Hi, 12AX7.

… and the following tape models: 2 Track Hi, 2 Track Lo, C90 Hi, C90 Lo.

Other features include: configurable processing order; the ability to compress the signal before it’s saturated; bias controls for the tube and tape; a ’60’s style ladder filter with slope and resonance; self-oscillating resonant filter modeling; a tilt equalizer; and an emphasis section that ladder-filters the pre-saturation signal so you can control what bands get saturated the most.

While Tupe can be subtle, the demos on this product page are pretty dramatic.

Price: $129

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