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DSP Action Introduces their Unique *Draw* Tool to Create Dynamic and Expressive Sounds



DSP Action allows you to easily generate dynamic sound effects for your high-octane teasers, action-packed games, and animations.

DSP Action: Select a type of action (break, hit, scrape…), a sound generator (metal, glass, engine…), adjust the parameters, and simply draw your sound effects! The generated sounds can be saved as wave files and used in any creative tool.

While drawing, the position and speed of the mouse (or stylus) are evaluated to generate a sound effect that perfectly matches your movements.

Moreover, interactions with graphic triggers allow for the creation of an infinity of sound variations. Crossing lines and entering shapes will start new sounds or transform existing ones. This can be used to add small debris to the sound of a bigger, breaking object for instance.

All the sounds are fully customizable for your project and, and if the duration of the action changes, you can generate a new sound without any of the usual artifacts of time-stretching.

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