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Michael Whalen’s Lead Sound on “Future Shock”



It’s surprisingly simple, and here’s how he gets it (you can too!)

Michael Whalen has scored literally hundreds of films, TV scores, and commercials. He also releases really good albums, and we have a full interview with him coming up shortly.

If Michael has a “signature” synth sound, it’s the analog lead, as heard here on this burning solo on “Future Shock.”

Michael created his lead sound with Arturia’s Minimoog plug-in and the Amp Designer (built into Apple Logic Pro). These aren’t his proprietary programs, but they could just as well be.

We figured he had to use one of his huge collection of hardware synths, run through exotic processors. Guess again: it’s an Arturia MiniMoog plug-in set to a basic square wave-ish sound, run through an amp plug-in that comes in Apple Logic Pro, plus some delay.

And that’s it.

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