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Antelope Audio Galaxy 32 Synergy Core Audio Interface and AD/DA Converter



Coming soon to a dealer near you: 32 channels of line-level I/O with a whole lot of digital connections and built-in effects processing

Antelope Audio’s Galaxy 32 Synergy Core is a high-end audio interface, but it takes the place of a lot of individual pieces. 

Here’s a list:

– 32 analog in on DSub 25 connectors with an AD/DC coupling switch
– 32 analog outs on DC-coupled DSub 25 connectors
– For Pro Tools users, two HDX ports for HD Native or HDX rigs with 64 I/O channels in Pro Tools (including at 192kHz)
– Thunderbolt 3 – 64 I/O channels (24-bit, 44.1kHz to 192kHz) with macOS and Windows drivers “for low- latency performance in native DAW applications”
– Dante® RJ-25 ports – 64 I/O channels (again 24-bit/44.1 to 192kHz)
– Optical MADI – 64 I/O channels (same bit/sample rates)
– Optical ADAT – 64 I/O channels (“)
– S/PDIF – two channels (“)

All of the above are available simultaneously.

The interface touts “mastering-grade converters,” and it uses 64-bit AFCTM – that’s Acoustically Focused Clocking, the same tech Antellope uses in their master clock units – and has up to a 130 dB dynamic range.

As to effects, the Synergy Core platform runs up to 128 instances in 32 virtual racks of eight effects. 37 different effects are included: classic and rare analog outboard gear – 18 equalizers, 12 compressors, two preamps and channel strips, and five special processing effects. They also offer more, starting at $55/€55.00 EUR each.

So it’s a converter; digital patch bay; Dante system; and HDX, MADI, and ThunderboltTM 3 interface.

Shipping soon, projected prices $4,895.00 USD/€4,895.00 EUR

Galaxy 32 Synergy Core webpage

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