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VSL Synchron Brass – Solo Instruments and Ensembles



The latest sample library from VSL features a new Timbre Adjust feature, an intelligent filter for subtle dynamic changes

Vienna Symphonic Library’s Synchron Brass consists of eight solo instruments and nine ensembles. The sections were recorded in various sizes in the Synchron Stage’s large hall.

A new Timbre Adjust feature, assigned to CC8 by default, is an alternative to velocity crossfades (which the library also includes). It’s an intelligent filter that produces subtle dynamic changes within one velocity layer, and it avoids audible crossfades with solo brass instruments.

Here’s a list of what’s in the library:
Trumpet 1 (Marc Osterer)
Trumpet 2 (Peter First)
Trumpet Ensemble (4 players)
Trumpet Ensemble (6 players)
Horn 1 (Péter Keserű)
Horn 2 (Viliam Vojčík)
Horn Ensemble (6 players)
Horn Ensemble (12 players)
Tenor Trombone (Matthias Reindl)
Bass Trombone (Bernhard Vierbach)
Cimbasso (Stefan Hirt)
Bass Tuba (Lukas Hanspeter)
Tenor trombone ensemble (4 players)
Trombone ensemble (9 players)
Low Brass Ensemble (4 bass trombones + bass tuba)
Low Brass Ensemble, unison and clusters (5 players + contrabass tuba)
Giant Tutti Brass (28 players: 6 trumpets, 12 horns, 9 tenor/bass trombones, 1 tuba)

VSL emphasizes that these are hotshot players!

Screencast of Fabio Amurri playing Synchron Brass here

Product page here

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