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MOTU Digital Performer 11 Adds Support for Apple Silicon



Digital Performer 11 is the new version of MOTU’s popular DAW. It’s now optimized for Apple Silicon Macs, and Windows 10 users will be happy that it has clearer text rendering.

Some of the myriad other new features:

– Nanosampler 2.0. Drag samples in, with time-stretch, trigger and gate playback, support for 32- and 64-bit floating point files.

– Articulation maps to assign keyswitches to different playing techniques from supporting sample libraries (as the major orchestral ones are). This is an alternative to having to use separate tracks for each articulation, for example if you want to switch from short to long notes. DP11’s implementation is complete with score symbols (for example a dot over staccato notes).

– Articulations in QuickScribe, which notates parts played in automatically. Add a symbol over a note/group of notes to assign it/them to play the correct articulation.

– Support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and Per-Note Continuous Controllers. If you have, say, a Roli Seaboard or Keith McMillen K-Board Pro keyboard, each note responds individually to your playing gestures.

– The included synth virtual instruments respond to MPE, and you can scale the curve for each note. MPE CC data can be edited in separate lanes.

– Audio retrospective record keeps the mic open all the time, and you can capture your last take even if you didn’t record it.

– Chunk Folders and Playlists allow you to keep multiple sequences open in a single file, intended mainly for film/TV cues or set playlists.

– Clip-triggering with Novation and Akai pad controllers. 

– Support for the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol and other control surfaces.

– Live Performance Mode. From the description it’s a low-latency, very responsive mode that presumably shrinks buffers to their minimum.

– Multi-channel MIDI tracks.

– Nondestructive quantization and transposing.

– Intelligent audio interface selection automatically selects an audio interface if there is one, or sends the audio to the system output if it doesn’t.

– A resizable mixer.

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