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Brutalist Drums and Percussion: HAMMERS from Spitfire Audio, by Charlie Clouser



Film composer/Nine Inch Nails member collaborates with Spitfire on a “brutalist” sample library of hits, loops, and “warps”

Brutalist architecture is a stark style, usually featuring unpainted concrete, steel, and glass. And this new library from Spitfire, created in collaboration with Charlie Clouser, was recored in a brutalist space.

You can hear that in both the sound and the attitude of the demo video.

HAMMERS (all caps) consists of 58 drums arranged across eight drum types — Bass Drums, Darbukas, Frame Drums, Roto-Toms, Scrap (metals), Snares, Surdos, and Toms. It features a range of mic, mix, warp signals, and a choice of 12 reverbs. You can control the drum head tightness, there are both 2- and 4-player hits, and it includes both loop performances and individual hits.

HAMMERS includes over 400 loops, composed and performed by Clouser, along with studio percussionists Hal Rosenfeld and Lucas Fehhring. The loops are set up to make it easy to layer performances, and they work in a range of tempos.

Quoth Clouser: “Like many of us, I’ve been collecting sampled drum and percussion libraries for probably 30-plus years, but I’ve been playing drums for about 45 years, and sampling them for almost that long, and although I have a thousand percussion libraries, out of those thousand, there might be a hundred that are pretty good, ten that are really pretty good, but zero that do what I want, and that sound like my drums sound when I record them in my space with my techniques and my tunings and so on. So this entire effort behind HAMMERS was, I admit, a bit of selfish motivation: to try to capture the sound that I use in my productions and my scores, and to put that under my fingertips in a way that is immediately useable and useful — not just to me, but to the wider spectrum of film, television, and media composers, and even people that are making albums that want a slightly left-of-centre or bigger-than-life drum sound.”

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