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IK Multimedia Cinekinetik – Four Libraries, One Package



It’s a deal: all four of the Cinekinetik series Sampletank libraries – Shipwreck Piano, Fractured Piano, Malletopia, and Malletension – now in one collection

They’re still available separately, and the demos sound really good. But let’s point a fine point on it: this is four libraries for the price of two. They all work in any version of IK’s Sampletank sample player, including the free version.

Shipwreck Piano is an instrument collection featuring an unusual-sounding antique piano. IK used several rare, vintage digital reverb units for the atmospheric reverb included in this library. They describe its sound as “haunting,” and the “cine” part of “Cinekinetik” says that these instruments are intended to paint a picture.

Fractured Piano is a library of altered and “prepared piano” sounds. IK’s description: “Designed to stir emotion and build tension, it features sci-fi and cosmic sounds, action-driven percussive sounds and acid keys, along with dystopian harpsichords and other imaginary or futuristic sounds.”

Filippo Gaetani and Florian Weixelbaumer produced the library using avant-garde John Cage techniques on a Bösendorfer grand recorded at their studio in Vienna, Austria.

The other two libraries in the Cinekinetik collection are mallet instruments (vibes, marimba, etc.).

Malletopia is a library of “beautiful, clean, and ethereal” chromatic percussion instruments. It includes marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, and orchestra chimes/tubular bells, played using an assortment of mallets (yarn, felt, wood, and metals). IK then used the same sampled spaces, created with the same vintage reverbs used in Shipwreck Piano.

Malletension is intended to complement Malletopia with more aggressive and unusual sounds. IK stretched the harmonics, envelope shapes, and transient response of the original samples in this library.

Price: $100

Here’s the link for demos and more info about Cinekinetik

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