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Free Spring Reverb Plugin!



Fuse Audio Labs offers VREV-666 as a free plugin based on rare Sixties-vintage spring reverb.

Fuse Audio Labs is offering the VREV-666 — available as a plugin freebie based on a rare Sixties-vintage spring reverb originally built for the BBC, bringing back the typically rich, bouncy, and unpredictable vibes of a true electromechanical reverb in an authentic-sounding way.

VREV-666 values character above realism — sending any signal through its springs always results in something vibrant and charismatic, adding edginess to vocals, dirty ambience to synth, gritty room to guitar and bass, or finishing textures to any instrument… it’s all in there.

Though the original hardware features a single effect gain control, VREV-666 adds an EFFECT MIX stage, a PREDELAY of up to 150 ms, and a TONE EQ that attenuates the pronounced resonance of the spring system in the bass range, while a musical EFFECT LIMITER built around a light bulb helps to tame peaks that would otherwise cause chirping overloads inside the spring tank!

“When it comes to ambience, spring reverb is the ultimate playground for creative endeavors — and VREV-666 delivers.” So says Fuse Audio Labs CEO Reimund Dratwa, duly concluding thus: “While the few available hardware units remain much cherished gems inside the studios of spirited artists and producers, we’re delighted to make the original vintage character of this juicy reverb available for everybody’s DAW absolutely for free.”

VREV-666 is offered for free — also free from any temporal or functional restrictions, and anyone creating a free account on the Fuse Audio Labs website ( will find their full license already waiting for them there.

For more in-depth information, please visit the dedicated VREV-666 webpage.

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