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Software Dongle Wars – A Quick Follow-up



Here’s another issue to ponder when you decide to store your iLok software licenses in the cloud or on a dongle

Whether to use an iLok dongle or not to use an iLok dongle (vs. iLok Cloud) was the deep question we pondered in this story.

Our discussion of iLok Cloud, which checks for your software authorizations periodically over the Internet, focused on what happens if *our* Internet goes down.

But what happens if connections to the iLok server itself, or just a pipeline along the way, has issues? Well, it happens. And to PACE’s credit (PACE is the company that makes iLok copy protection) there’s a site to check:

The truth is that many aspects of modern life are subject to the whims of the Internet Gods – aspects that are bigger than whether or not our music and audio software launches. Props are due to PACE for their transparency.

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