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New Synthetic Sound Labs 1620 Nurse Ratchet Module.



Nurse Ratchet is a trigger processor and generator, designed to add an organic chain of events (bursts) to your modular setup. 

When activated, either manually or with an external trigger, the selected number of triggers are generated. Time Division, Distribution, Quantity, and Probability of the bursts are both manually and CV controllable. Based on Befaco’s popular Eurorack module “Burst” Produced in collaboration with Befaco and based on their Eurorack “Burst” module. With Nurse synced to your tempo, you can create all kinds of ratcheting effects, with divisions and multiplications leading to doubles, triplets, quintuplets, and true Poly Rhythms for your modular system. With very short time windows, Nurse can help to synthesize fast repeating transients for “hand-clap like” sounds or modern drum hits. Working in Cycle Mode, is also an excellent master clock with tap tempo functionality, and is able to achieve non-linear distributed clocks.



  • Custom trigger bursts up to 64 triggers.
  • Voltage Control burst Quantity with dedicated attenuator.
  • One Shot and Cycle play modes activated via manual controls or dedicated Trig Input.
  • Pingable clock input.
  • Voltage Control burst Distribution, Time Division and Probability.
  • Tempo and End of Cycle individual outputs for sync other modules.

The SSL 1620 is an easy-to-use ratcheting / burst with powerful features that would otherwise be difficult to create. SSL uses quality fiberglass-epoxy printed circuit boards, precision automated robotics, and meticulous hand-crafted assembly assures years of trouble-free service.

Synthetic Sound Labs has been in the analog synthesizer business since 1973.  The 1620 is yet another in SSL’s growing line of new synthesizer modules.  Made in the USA.

Pricing is $345 US.  

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