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Applied Acoustics Systems Releases the Brand-new Multiphonics CV-1 Modular Synthesizer Plug-in



Applied Acoustics Systems Releases the Brand-new Multiphonics CV-1 Modular Synthesizer Plug-in

Applied Acoustics Systems announces today the release of the Multiphonics CV-1 modular synthesizer for macOS and Windows—a brand new space for exploration, experimentation, creation, learning, and fun.

Dive into the mind-bending world of modular synthesis with Multiphonics CV-1, a powerful platform for assembling and playing patches. With a simple and straightforward interface, Multiphonics is a fast and efficient creation tool for musicians and sound designers. It is also a great learning environment for newcomers. Multiphonics ships with a comprehensive library of modules, from the basics to unique and sophisticated originals, and a vast and inspiring library of patches crafted by top sound designers.

“We are thrilled to be back in the world of modular synthesis, a return to our first love!” says Benoit Charland, lead product designer at Applied Acoustics Systems. “Multiphonics was built from the ground up and developed with patching flexibility in mind. We took great care in making sure the modules were thought-out and designed to work together in an optimal manner providing a coherent patching experience. We also wanted all functionalities to be directly accessible from the interface in order to make the creation of patches and the realization of musical ideas as fast and playful as possible.”

Key features of Multiphonics CV-1 include:

Straightforward interface Easy synchronisation in a DAW Direct access to MIDI control and expression signals High-level control with Macro parameters Plenty of modulation options Library of top-notch modules Vast library of patches by renowned artists Thorough documentation and tutorial series Standalone and plug-in version

Multiphonics CV-1 runs on both macOS and Windows in 64-bit host sequencers that support the VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX Native formats.

Multiphonics CV-1 is available now at a suggested retail price of US$99.

Special Introductory Pricing: Until June 22, 2021, Multiphonics CV-1 is offered at the special introductory price of US$79.

For more information on the Multiphonics CV-1 modular synthesizer visit

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