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Top 21 Electric Piano Performances of All Time



Billy Joel “Just the Way You Are”

The Piano Man is also The Electric Piano Man. It’s a beautiful song that still stands up decades later.
Lots of other people have recorded it, including Cleo Laine (whose version also features a Rhodes).

Herbie Hancock “Butterfly” Thrust

Because you have to include the great Herbie Hancock in any Top X list he could be on. This album is from the classic mid-‘70s era. Funky, funky! (Although maybe not as funky as Watermelon Man).

Bob James “Angela” (Theme from Taxi)

TV theme songs were intended to let people in the next room know the show was on so they’d come in and watch. “Angela” is one of the best and most memorable – and it was a very funny sitcom as well. Who knew it was Bob James? Well, every musician who was around in that era. But everyone recognized the song. It’s lovely! “Angela” also has the distinction of being the only track on this list to use, let alone feature, recorder.

Joe Sample “Street Life” The Crusaders

Ooh! Joe Sample could coax sounds of a Rhodes like no one else. We could have picked any number of songs by The Crusaders, but “Street Life” is an all-time great… actually an all-time great album, not just the song and Sample’s solo. Add Randy Crawford’s vocal, Wilton Felder on bass and sax, the great Stix Hooper’s drums… this is desert island music.

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