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Top 21 Electric Piano Performances of All Time



Kid A “Everything” Radiohead

One of these has to be not the same as the others, and Radiohead certainly fits that bill. A contributor sums up this track nicely: “I got such a huge hit when I first read your ‘cool electric piano performances’ thing…if not a performance, then the opening to Kid A is one of my fave electric pianoparts, and because it’s not just the opening of the song but of the album as well… man, it lays down the mood of the whole affair in one gestural second or so – definitely not obscure or keyboard hero… perhaps even iconic in a cool kids way.”

The Doors “Riders on the Storm” (Ray Manzarek)

Well, it’s a famous raw rock song that everyone knows. And what list like this would be credible without a famous raw rock song that everyone knows?

David Foster – “My Old Friend’” – Al Jarreau Breakin’ Away

This is the trademark David Foster sound: Rhodes layered with acoustic piano (for some of it). The other part of the sound is the Famous E electric piano that Jay Graydon (who produced the album) discusses in our upcoming interview. Warning: you’ll have the intro to this song stuck in your brain for days – and you won’t mind, because it’s gorgeous.

Richard Tee My Sweetness (Stuff)

As long as we have a West Coast example (Tom Scott and the LA Express), here’s an infectious track with lots of the East Coast session heavies – including Richard Tee’s bluesy gospel-ish playing.

Larry Nash “Love Poem” (Tom Scott LA Express)

Rhodes is an important part of the West Coast sound, and the LA Express was made up of some of the top studio musicians responsible for it. That includes Larry Nash’s lovely playing here.

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