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Nick Batzdorf to Lead Content Production at Synth and Software



Nick Batzdorf to Lead Content Production at Synth and Software

Synth and Software has hired experienced industry magazine editor/publisher/writer Nick Batzdorf to direct its content, taking over for retiring founding editor Geary Yelton. Under Yelton’s direction, quickly became one of the most credible resources for music tech enthusiasts.

Nick was the editor of Recording magazine for 10-1/2 years before launching Virtual Instruments magazine, building a worldwide audience and earning the support of all the leading companies in our industry. In between, he has been a prolific writer for the other music and audio tech magazines. His business card says “Journalism, Music, Copywriting, Audio” (in no particular order).

“Yeah, I’m excited!” Batzdorf says. “Synth and Software has become an invaluable outlet, with contributions from the best content producers in our industry. The plan is to keep publishing the high-standard material Geary’s amassed, and also to add a lot more audio and video content. A large percentage of our viewers visit the site on a smartphone, so that’s going to be an important focus.”

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