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Ableton Introduces​ New Producer Video Series



Made in Ableton Live: Producersshare their personal track-building process in a new videoseries.

Ableton’s new video series Made in Ableton Live follows a range of artists in the process of making a track. Each video focuses on one artist and the different approaches they have to production, from beatmaking and vocal processing to sound design.

In a medium as versatile as electronic music, every artist has their ownworkflow to see a piece through from start to finish. The Made in AbletonLive series shows how nine different artists tackle the creative process,whether their inspiration starts by juggling on-the-fly vocal loops or gettingexperimental with vocoder and autotune, tapping out some fingerdrumming or layering up soft synths and analog hardware.

See how LA-based producer Bad Snacks slices a live take fromher electric violin to get a vibe going, or how techno artist Eomac createsa full-frequency sound palette from field recordings made on his phone.These videos are accessible for those new to Live or simply curious aboutproducing music, thanks to the clear explanations from the artists. It’s notjust entry-level, though – there are unique techniques in each video thathold appeal for intermediate and advanced producers too.

Whether it’s handy signal chain shortcuts or inventive ways to routeaudio, these videos are full of useful insights into some of the manydifferent ways you can make a track. Made in AbletonLive

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