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Massive Multichannel Sound on the Waldorf Kyra



If you’re a synthesist, the Kyra could be a DSP farm for your DAW.

One remarkably exciting new synthesizer that isn’t getting enough attention (yet) is the Kyra, from Waldorf. It’s an analog modeling powerhouse with astounding voice counts, thousands of timbres, and some of the warmest sounds you’ve ever heard from a digital synth. (Look for our complete review in a future issue.)

In this step-by-step video, we explore the Kyra’s use as a streaming audio interface in Soundcard Mode. We also dive into its output architecture, navigating its user interface, syncing to MIDI Clock, and other related topics. Then we wrap it all up with a song demonstrating how the Kyra handles so many sounds simultaneously without taxing your computer resources. Enjoy!

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