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The MIDI Association Debuts New MIDI Technology



Participate in a live webinar and learn how Web MIDI is changing online collaboration.

Join representatives from Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and the W3C today (Saturday, May 16) to discuss Web MIDI, online DAWs, notation, and more. The MIDI Association has some special musical guests planned, but most importantly, they’ll be discussing a new way to play and enjoy music on the web.

The event will introduce a new feature that allows streaming of audio, video, screen sharing, and MIDI data. Panelists can connect their MIDI devices (just like a camera or microphone) and then send MIDI across the internet.  Listeners can connect their local MIDI device and listen to a panelist on the other side of the planet play the listener’s local MIDI device while the listener sits in the comfort (and safety) of their home studio.

A New Way to Interact with MIDI Over the Internet

To participate in today’s webinar, follow this link at the appointed time and log in, either as a guest or using a social sign-on such as Google or Facebook. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a new feature in the top left- hand corner labeled MIDI.  If the browser asks for permission to use your MIDI devices, please allow it.

Clicking on the MIDI box will open a dialog in the bottom left-hand corner where you can set MIDI Out to route to any MIDI device or software connected to your computer.

Then just select a piano sound on your MIDI device, sit back, and enjoy the webinar. 

The MIDI Association is excited about their new MIDI Live feature and invites everyone to give them feedback on where they should take this platform next.

Log on here today, May 16, at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, 6pm in London, or 7pm in Rome to take part in this event.

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