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New Videos from Sequential, Twice a Week on YouTube



Sequential has new weekly content on YouTube that all synthesists should find valuable.

Every Tuesday on their YouTube channel, synth manufacturer Sequential is posting a new episode of Sequential Synth Tips. These are just what they sound like: short videos of artists sharing sound design secrets and performing advice. Each week features a different synthesist. The first Synth Tip is from Nicholas Semrad, a synthesist in L.A. and NYC who has worked with the likes of Lauryn Hill, Bootsy Collins, and Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles. He explains how to use your pitch-bend and mod wheels for maximum expression. The second Synth Tip is from Portland-based synthesist and singer GLASYS (aka Gil Assayas). He discusses building a sample-based piano patch from scratch on the Prophet XL.

On Fridays, you can watch a new episode of Ask Sequential. This series features company founder Dave Smith and the gang answering questions posed by customers. In the first episode, seven Sequential employees (including Synth and Software columnist Gerry Bassermann) tell us how they’re all dealing with sheltering in place during the pandemic. In the second episode, synth designers Dave Smith and Andrew McGowen answer the question, “How do you decide what to build next?” For the third installment of Ask Sequential, five members of the Sequential team answer the musical question, “What got you interested in synths?”

For Synth and Software‘s NAMM 2020 interview with Dave Smith, look here.

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