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Moog Mother-32 Gets a Major Update



Moog Music announces a major instrument update with firmware v2.0, delivering a host of new features.

Introduced in 2015, the Mother-32 was Moog’s first entry in an ever-growing family of semi-modular analog synthesizers. The Mother-32 combines a flexible analog monophonic voice, robust step sequencer, and 32-point 3.5mm patchbay for interconnectivity and expandability. It’s a dynamic standalone instrument that gives synthesists a way to incorporate classic Moog sounds into the Eurorack modular world.

Today, Moog Music announced a major instrument update to Mother-32 owners with Firmware v2.0. This update provides users access to a host of dynamic new features. These include multiple sequencer directions, improved and expanded clocking options, CV-addressed sequencer control, selectable swing intervals, and new pattern change behaviors.

The update also includes enhancements such as the ability to ignore MIDI clock or start/stop messages. It also provides improved LED visual feedback, options to auto-save and write-protect patterns, as well as selectable analog clock input and output resolutions. Firmware v2.0 features a completely rewritten sync and timing engine. That allows for incredibly tight and funky grooves synchronized to any analog clock source.

Mother-32 owners can download Firmware v2.0 here. For more about the Mother-32, look here.

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