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New York Synthesist Steve Horelick Bares His Soul on the Buchla



Performed on sampled piano, two Buchla synths, and a Buchla tactile surface, his new music couldn’t be timelier.

You may know him as the synthesist who composed and produced the theme to Reading Rainbow. Or you may know him as a long-established master of the Buchla 200e. Steve Horelick is a Grammy Award-nominated composer for film, television, and games. He’s also part owner of Nonlinear Educating, which brings you AskVideo and macProVideo.

In this brand-new music video released today for a piece he calls “Hopelessful,” Steve expresses his powerful emotions surrounding the current crisis by making metaphorical connections between his heart and his instruments. He’s playing Buchla 200e, Music Easel, and 223E Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input, with a Korg SP-250 controlling Synthogy Ivory. Enjoy!

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