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Synth and Software Introduces Articles in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese



Synth and Software has some of the most experienced music technology journalists in the world. 

Our contributors are industry insiders, authors, sound designers, studio pros, inventors, film and TV composers, music directors, video producers, and college educators. Many of our writers have decades of experience in the synth and software industries.  

Now Synth and Software is providing “select content” from these authors in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. 

These translated Synth and Software articles are from experienced translators well versed in music technology—so in addition to the straight language translation, the music and technical terms are presented in the proper manner—not to mention those unique company names and terms.  

With this development, Synth and Software plans to keep more people up to date with the latest in synthesizers, music software, and effects technology. Hopefully, we’ll inspire even more musicians around the world to make some great music.

If you have friends and colleagues that would be interested, please pass the word.

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