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Radikal Technologies Updates the DELTA CEP A



German manufacturer Radikal Technologies announces the latest firmware update for the DELTA CEP A paraphonic semimodular synthesizer.

The DELTA CEP A semimodular synthesizer can function as a standalone synthesizer or—when removed from the chassis—a 68HP-occupying Eurorack module forming the center of a powerful modular voice. It consists of 9 essential synthesis modules whose combination provides a very powerful and straight forward starting point into the world of Eurorack synthesizers. The latest version 1.6e firmware update expands and enhances its already respectable capabilities. Existing owners can download the update for free.

The system includes one swarm oscillator, a mixing stage with a noise source, a very powerful filtering section around the analog multimode filter with stereo digital emulations of 12dB multimode and 24 dB ladder filters, and one VCA. One LFO and one snappy envelope generator for modulation purposes plus the secret weapon of all Radikal Technologies digital modules—the Snapshot Interpolator—are adding extra excitement to your sonic adventures. The icing on the cake of the sound engine is a digital FX section with incredible modulated stereo delay effects including tape delay, phasing, chorus, flanging etc.

In a modular synth system, the different sound generating and altering sections are not connected. The user has to establish all the connections that are necessary to generate sound effects and tones with patch cables. In a semimodular synth the most essential connections are hardwired. This means you can play the DELTA CEP A right out of the box, or you could go a step further and add your own module patching.

With this new firmware update, Radikal Technologies has helpfully seen fit to expand the DELTA CEP A’s already powerful FX section above and beyond the giveaway (FX: 1. TAPE 2. DELAY 3. CHORUS 4. PHASER 5. FLANGER) wording highlighted on that feature-packed front panel to additionally include a stereo reverb algorithm. As such, it is now perfectly possible to add stereo reverb to those tape, delay, or chorus effects, for instance. It is also perfectly possible to morph those new reverb parameters as well with the Interpolator section — certainly separates the DELTA CEP A from the Eurorack pack! Put it this way: with this sound-stimulating section, users are afforded an ability to store so-called ‘snapshots’ of sound creations into the DELTA CEP A’s internal memory; moreover, users can consequently play those snapshots sequentially, creating cool sonic sequences. Saying that, they can cleverly create smooth transitions from one snapshot to another, allowing for some stunning sound morphing effects.

The LFO 1 section can now be assigned to different modulation targets without having to use any patch cables; creatively, this allows for assigning the LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) modulation to multiple targets simultaneously with independent modulation depths for all targets. That said, the ADSR section’s envelope generator can also now be assigned to different modulation targets without having to use any patch cables; creatively, multiple targets can be simultaneously controlled with independent modulation depths. Deeper still, the Interpolator section’s already powerful morphing function also benefits from those new routing capabilities since internal routings can be morphed. Musically and sonically, users can now explore a whole new dimension of dynamic soundscapes.

In the U.S., the DELTA CEP A semimodular synthesizer costs $999 for the Eurorack version and $1,298 for the desktop version though authorized dealers. For more information, visit Radikal Technologies on the web.

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