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Arturia Updates Pigments Polychrome Software Synthesizer to v2.0



With exciting new features like MPE compatibility, a sample-playback engine, and granular synthesis capabilities, Arturia Pigments 2.0 gives you the elements you need to create exciting and deeply personal sounds.

Along with an updated and more refined user interface, version 2.0 delivers a twin audio engine that lets you mix virtual analog and wavetable oscillators with sample playback to create the perfect starting point for your patch. You can morph wavetables, granularize samples, and import your own sounds to warp and contort.

What you do next is up to you. Experiment with three envelopes, three LFOs, and three function generators. Assign modulators to animate your sound, and breathe life into it. Add controlled, or totally wild random changes to any parameter with a Turing probability generator. Route your sounds through two filters, with any combination of iconic analog filters or modern formant and surgeon filters you want. Process your patch with exciting contemporary effects like wavefolder and multifilter, or vintage studio reverbs, tape delays, and EQs.

With Pigments 2.0, you can import your own samples and transform them to granular synth patches. The updated filter emulates the Buchla Easel’s lowpass gate, too, and new effects include tape-echo simulation. Of course, you also get hundreds of new presets from top sound designers and well-known synthesists.

Pigments Polychrome

Pigments 2.0 is available now for a special price—just $99 until January 7 and $199 thereafter. And if you already have the previous version, Pigments 2.0 is a free update for current owners.

Visit Arturia online for more details and to download a free trial of Pigments 2.0.

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