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New Patches for the Sequential OB-6 From Synth Legend Jason Miles



ILIO and synth legend Jason Miles announce “Jason Miles 100 Ultimate OB-6 Patches.” 


Jason Miles has had an enviable career as a composer, record producer, and synthesizer programmer for dozens of music superstars. Now he has applied his hard-won talent, instincts, and love for Oberheim synthesizers to create this custom set of 100 original patches for the Sequential OB-6 hardware synthesizer.

While this patch collection exclusively for the Sequential OB-6 may evoke memories of the synthesizer’s first Golden Age of the 1980s, with its assortment of pop and fusion lead, pad, pluck and bass sounds, they’re also firmly rooted in the present. The Sequential OB-6 collab between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim is a modern marvel that still manages to evoke the nostalgic charm of Oberheim’s classic 1980s synths. It’s a perfect blend of contemporary synthesizer design and vintage soul, offering musicians a versatile tool that respects its roots. Jason Miles thoughtfully engineered each patch in this collection to cater to the modern sensibilities available in the OB-6, yet still echo the revered tones that shaped musical history.

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