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MODULAR SESSIONS SPECIAL EDITION No. 3, CD-only release;  “3 BODY PROBLEM” Ose/Hervé Picart & Mark Jenkins



Mark Jenkins is a major contributors to Synth and Software, so he gets special dispensation when he releases an album

That’s been our policy for… okay, for the past five whole minutes. Normally we don’t cover album releases, but come on, Mark deserves it!

Extracts video here –

MARCH 21st 2024 sees a major worldwide NETFLIX release of “3 Body Problem”, the new production from the makers of “Game Of Thrones”. 

There’s time before the series starts to receive this exciting new CD inspired by the novel.Mark Jenkins and HervéPicart, inspired by the original Chinese TV series and Liu Cixin’s novel, have created “3 Body Problem”, the latest in the MODULAR SESSIONS Special Edition series of electronic music collaborations available on CD only.
In eleven compelling tracks running over an hour, the plot unfolds of the unexplained deaths of physicists around the world, a mysterious countdown clock, and a secret society aiding aliens from a planet which orbits three suns.

With the seemingly insoluble “3 Body Problem” determining their destructive tri-solar maximum, the music spans from mysterious to dramatic with swirling synthesizers, epic drums and a major component of exotic Chinese instrumentation. Fans of the Vangelis album “China” and of Jean-Michel Jarre’s “China Concerts” will be thrilled (one of the tracks echoes his “Fishing Junks At Sunset”) , while sequencer fans (maybe of Ashra, Michael Hoenig, Johannes Schmoelling, or Redshift) can check out the fascinating layers often of triple sequencers all orbiting one another…

The sound textures here are from the powerful Yamaha CS80 of Vangelis, the Polymoog, MiniMoog and Moog Modular System, Jarre’s EMS Synthi sounds, classic analog drum machines like the TR808 and CR78, and massed orchestral percussion. It’s an enthralling combination for fans of synth music from Tangerine Dream and Heldon, to Kraftwerk and Jan Hammer. 


Also based on a classic book, MODULAR SESSIONS Special Edition No. 1 by Hervé Picart and Mark Jenkins is “Foucault’s Pendulum”, while Special Edition No. 2 is “The Damo Suzuki Sessions” collaboration between Mark Jenkins and the legendary Can singer, recorded live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London.

MODULAR SESSIONS Issues 1-23 plus Bonus Alpha featuring over 50 worldwide electronic music collaborators also remain available.

“3 Body Problem” Ose/Hervé Picart & Mark Jenkins AMP-CD096 MODULAR SESSIONS Special Edition No. 3

1) Physics Doesn’t Exist (6.14)

2) The Nanotechnologist (6.53) 

3) The Frontiers of Science (4.44)

4) Astrophysicist Ye Winjie (5.57)

5) Sophon Avatar (7.29)

6) Investigator Shi (4.53)

7) Radar Mountain* (2.53)

8) 3-Body (6.43)

9) Stable Era (6.14)

10) Chaotic Era (4.26)

11) Tri-Solar Day (5.39)* Based on the Chinese Traditional tune “Gao Shan Liu Shui” “高山流水” “Mountains and Flowing Water” 

TRT 62.08

ORDER NOW – 12GBP by PayPal Friends & Family with your address to zyxyzmusic@gmail.comOUTSIDE THE UK –  14GBP

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