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New Spitfire Symphony Orchestra 2024: An All-Encompassing Orchestral Toolkit



SSO was originally captured a decade ago in the state-of-the-art space of Lyndhurst Hall in AIR Studios – founded by the legendary producer of The Beatles and Oscar-nominated composer, Sir George Martin.


Crafted by Spitfire Audio’s team of expert in-house creatives over a period of five years, SSO is recognized as the fundamental choice for the professional-tier composer and heralded by a multitude of AAA music makers worldwide. 

Performed by London’s first-call orchestral players, the newly enhanced SSO sample library features a revolutionary legato programming transformation created by Andrew Blaney, introducing a new level of expressiveness and realism. Composers can now attain seamless and dynamic transitions between notes, skillfully capturing the subtleties of a live orchestral performance with exceptional precision.

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