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Nembrini Releases Nexus, A Subhost / Standalone Plugin Host



Nembrini Audio releases Nexus, an audio processing tool that brings the power of high-quality sound manipulation to both standalone and plugin formats.


Nexus can operate as a Subhost where it brings together other plugins in VST, VST3, and AU format, or it can be used as Standalone, where it can work as a plugin within a DAW or as a separate application. Plus, its Third Party Plugin Support means it can recognize and load third-party plugins giving users easy access to a wide range of external audio processing tools and thus a wide-ranging creative sound palette.

Nexus’ user-friendly interface allows users to seamlessly integrate a variety of audio plugins, giving them the ability and freedom to easily craft complex audio chains to shape their sound. The application’s intuitive network of modules which includes effects, signal splitter, mixer, crossover, etc, ensures musicians can customize their audio experience effortlessly.

Central to Nexus is The Canvas interface, where users can graphically manage audio signal paths and plugin configurations. It serves as a visual mapping area for constructing and modifying audio processing chains. This is supported by the Plugins Manager where audio processing modules can be organized coherently to make management and locating of plugins very simple. It gives a clear and comprehensive view of installed plugins with details of format, category, and version to help streamline workflow.

The new plugin is currently on offer until 29th February 2024. The introductory price is $29.99 rising to $99 after the promotion ends. Nexus is PC and Mac (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX) compatible and requires a FREE iLOK account.

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