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Overloud Announces TH-U “Made In Rock” Series



A revolutionary virtual amp collection honoring rock history and fueled by Overloud’s new cutting-edge Fluid Capturing technology.


The Made In Rock series features meticulous models of the actual amps that made rock history. The first three products to be released are models of amps that were played by Noel Gallagher, Ian Hill, and Jimmy Page on classic recordings. They were created in part using an Overloud innovation called “schematic-assisted capturing,” which seamlessly merges modeling and capturing techniques, allowing users to experience the variable nuances of each knob and circuit on these iconic amps. The first three Made In Rock products are available for an introductory promo of $29 each or bundled for $69, but only for three weeks.

Also known as “schematic-assisted capturing,” Overloud’s new Fluid Capturing is an innovative amp simulation process that combines the strengths of both modeling and capturing techniques. A sampled amp capture, which is a highly realistic yet fixed representation of the amp at a specific setting, falls short in replicating the amp tone across all knob settings. In contrast, a modeled amp reacts dynamically at all dynamic ranges and knob positions but may not precisely match the iconic color of a particular amp setting. Fluid Capturing takes a comprehensive approach by both modeling and sampling the amp with a variety of settings. This combined data builds a powerful digital model that is as flexible and fluid as a modeled amp and as realistic as a captured amp.

These products were made possible by the Made In Rock Cultural Association in Italy, which curates an extensive collection of musical instruments, amplifiers, effects, clothing, memorabilia, and stage items once owned and used by legendary rock artists. The association aims to preserve these historical artifacts and impart their knowledge to younger generations. By leveraging Overloud’s Fluid Capturing, recognized as the most advanced capturing technology, Made In Rock achieves precise sound preservation by capturing and replicating every tonal and emotional detail of the amplifiers in their collection.

Jim P meticulously captures the legendary Led Zeppelin’s own JMP50* head and its matched cabinet. This plugin features the Made In Rock Jim P amplifier model, a matched cabinet model, and presets of famous songs played using that amp. The TH-U Jim P head offers two input channels that were often connected with a jumper to have both channels mixed together. By using the two volume knobs in Overloud’s model, you can balance and experiment with the infinite combination of tones used in Led Zeppelin sessions. The model even replicates the iconic red marks on the front panel used by Jimmy Page’s engineer, and the matched cabinet’s crunchy tone is enhanced through meticulous capturing with Overloud Fluid Convolution, which replicates every tonal and emotional detail of the historic rig.

The JUP320 plugin includes an emulation of the iconic Acoustic 320* bass head and its matched cabinet, once owned by Judas Priest*, an additional 8×10″ bass cabinet, and a bank of presets featuring famous songs played with that amp. The historic reference amplifier dates back to 1979. It outputs 300W with minimal distortion and a vast dynamic range.

NG30 features all three Channels of the original ’63 AC30* played by Oasis* at the Locomotive Studios*, a matched cabinet model, and a bank of presets with famous songs played using that amp. The TH-U NG30 offers a range from super clean to mid-crunchy tones, with tweakable features like a “brilliant channel” and Vibrato/Tremolo modulation.

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